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Edit: I removed the code since that really didn't add anything to the question. We must encapsulate the name within an object because strings are immutable in . If you tried binding against a single string in a list of strings, changes wouldn't propagate.

Wow, that's crazy complicated what you've got there. You need a model to represent the programmer, a view model to hold a list of programmers, and simple binding to take care of the rest. The collection of programmers is kept in a View Model.

In this case, I call it View Model, because I have no imagination.

This view model contains everything that the view binds against. You can set the Data Context in any way you want; I'm doing it here for simplicity's sake.

The example is pretty simple, with a User class that will keep the name of the user, a List Box to show them in and some buttons to manipulate both the list and its contents.

To support this diversion, I’m giving this “Items Control: A to Z” series a new subtitle of “(but not necessarily in order)”. Let’s just recap a couple of things before we get started…

The template contains our Check Box, with the Is Checked property bound to the Check List Item’s Is Checked property, and the Content bound to our Customer class.

Note that since Customer is in the Check List Item’s Item property we need to reference the customer name as Item. Keep in mind you can use that Checked List Item class to wrap any object, it’s a handy little class to keep around.

I am very new to WPF and testing some things that I would like to include in an application that I will be working on.

I have a 2 row List View (bound to a textbox) with the names Scott Guthrie and Jon Skeet in it.

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But very often, the size of an element is determined by its content. To determine an answer to this question, the element turns around and measures each of its own children by asking them what size they want to be.

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