Tips for dating a gamer

MATERIALS: Ability to Learn (Optional: Mini Notebook) Multitasking Portable Hand Held Hobby Love (Always Consistent, Though at Varying Levels) Headphones/Selective Hearing (Note: Selective Hearing is Recommended if You Seriously Love Them) Good Cooking Skills/or Access to Pizza/Mexican Food/Not-Fast-Food- Burgers) Good Sense of Humor (THIS IS A MANDATORY MATERIAL) Patience × (MONTHS DATING ×10) Creativity (Or a Creative Friend) Adventure (THIS IS A MANDATORY MATERIAL) Time (Note: For Best Results, the Amount of Time Spent on This Will Coincide with How Well You Can Learn and Apply New Material) (Note: Not all materials are needed at all times, but recommended to be kept in close proximity.There is one material that will be used constantly, and this is Good Sense of Humor.I'm going out with a gamer girl, and sometimes I feel as if she's putting more time into her games than she is for me.I'm a gamer as well, but we don't play the same games so it's hard to connect.Nearly everyone is some kind of gamer; including people who play Facebook games.But for those who don’t consider themselves to be gamers, it can be rather difficult being in a relationship with someone who is a gamer.Its black leather, red satin and gold writing cover alone speaks volumes as to what you will find inside.Here's a disclaimer: I did not read the whole book. But what I did see needs to be addressed, and I would like to call women's attention to it as a helpful tool. It was a stick figure drawing of a woman, and pointing to each specific part of her body, there were "lines" of suggestion as to what a pick-up artist should say.

He doesn't play the game we met in anymore because he says he just lost intrest and I can't play the games he plays now because i'm on a laptop and its just too difficult.

Pick a seat in the room where you can easily observe the screen and your Gamer, but not where you could possibly destroy the new High Score if you need to remove yourself from the room. The basic strategies your Gamer uses to receive High Scores Place this knowledge somewhere close-by for future steps (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)Note: The portable hand held hobby is there for you.

As you get situated, be sure to place your portable hand held hobby in your lap, but do not give it any more attention for about 10 min (in the rare occurrence your Gamer may feel like watching television or a movie, disperse of it between 15-20 min). If you feel you are getting a little bored or unable to retain what you are learning, then use your portable hand held hobby to amuse self, while still spending time with your Gamer.

Without constant usage of this material, this Guide will not be effective.)Materials Needed for This Step: • Good Sense of Humor • Portable Hand Held Hobby • Selective Hearing • Ability to Learn • Patience • Time (prepare to set aside about 1-3 hours) This step is where you will learn some basic information about the games for future steps.

Once you enter the room, bring on your patience and multitasking, but keep your ability to learn close-by.

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