Prevent virusscan from updating and epo

You can use a Desktop Program like Outlook, Mac mail, or Thunderbird.

You can use the browser based programs Squirrel Mail, Horde, or Round Cube to check from any location using your web browser.

Applies To: Mc Afee e Policy Orchestrator 4.5 and later.

Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE) is a Threat Management Protection solution that includes intrusion prevention and firewall support for PCs and file servers.

The Event Tracker Enterprise supports Mc Afee VSE events that are stored on Mc Afee e PO servers.

The Event Tracker Enterprise uses the Trap Tracker to receive the Mc Afee e PO log events.

Once the logs are captured in Event Tracker Enterprise and parsed, you can generate reports and create alerts on Mc Afee e PO’s operations.

Once you have set up your email account in your c Panel, you can begin to use your email.

The next sections will guide you on how to access your email.

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Easy, centralized management — The Mc Afee e Policy Orchestrator (e PO) platform is the centralized management console for deploying policies, managing security alerts, and viewing automated reports.

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