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Lady C, as it became known, has since been made into a film and a TV drama.Your memories: I was working in Ipswich Central Library.For all its arduous recourse to the c-word, , meanwhile, tells the story of a stepfather serially defiling his adolescent stepdaughter.* Public taste was meant to catch up to Lady Chatterley screwing her gamekeeper, to Leopold Bloom sitting on his jakes.Nick Lane re-read it for the first time in years when he was asked to adapt it for the stage by John Godber, until recently the leading light at the famous Hull Truck Theatre Company.“What I tried to do was explore the feelings of the characters because although everyone knows it for the obscenity trial, it’s actually a very tender love story,” says Nick, literary manager at the Hull theatre company.

Not because the main character spends the whole book worrying that her boyfriend (the president's son because of course) wants sex but because the older sister tells her how to masturbate using a faucet after reading about it in a women's magazine. While I was not impressed by talking about sex after a childhood of watching shows that were way too adult for me, I found an explanation of female masturbation revolutionary. I definitely do not use the faucet method anymore but I'm grateful the book made it seem not weird to learn how to get yourself off."—"You may not know this about eels," Mameha went on, "but they're quite territorial.

In any case, they returned a verdict of not guilty and Lady Chatterley’s Lover, banned here since publication in 1928, suddenly became widely available and – surprise, surprise – an immediate bestseller.

Nowadays it’s regarded as a classic but how many people have read it recently or know it as anything other than that sexy book?

Public taste was never meant to catch up to Humbert Humbert.

"I want my learned readers to participate in the scene I am about to replay," Humbert asks us early on, by way of setting up his description of his first taste of sexual bliss with Lolita, the pre-pubescent daughter of his landlady.

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(Humbert will eventually marry the landlady; the landlady will eventually die; Humbert will eventually abscond with Lolita.

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