Dynamically updating copyright dates

Basically there is no convention and as you mentioned in your question it means absolutely nothing legally so you can put whatever you like.For most, the copyright date could also be seen as a way to determine if the site is maintained or not.Instead, insert some blank rows somewhere within the data range; it doesn't matter where, as long as the record for 11/13 is below the added rows.

automatic copyright year update will avoid any such mistakes on your site.

(This approach only works if the chart is on object on the same worksheet that contains the data on which the chart is based.) Follow these steps: That's it—Excel incorporates the new data right into the existing chart, slick as a whistle.

Another approach is to add new data to the range not at the end, but somewhere within the range.

Today, I am going to show, how you can use simple macro code to change the report filter value dynamically.

To help you understand this technique, I have created a short video.

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