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Insofar as female danger is wrapped up with sexual transgression, then, so is female power.As a cheerleader, Lacy’s most rebellious moment was buying a white bra from US discount store TJ Maxx.Because Greek ideology and cultural practice both place severe restrictions on female agency, it is difficult for women to exercise power without transgressing the norms constituted to regulate their behaviour.Since the control of female sexuality lies at the heart of these norms, sex — more specifically, the active female pursuit of an object of desire — is typically implicated in women’s transgressions and hence in the danger posed by the female as such."Also, How about this intelligent response:"What I hate the most in people: Boring people"I'm always amused at people who get upset because they get fired from the "real jobs" they are actively pursuing because they feel the need to do ti**ie shots to achieve that goal.

Neither the Oakland Raiders or the NFL responded to my request for a comment on Lacy's claims.Yet, the film extends the Greek project of disempowering Helen in the guise of defending her.The movie does not celebrate the dangerous power of female beauty but denies it by means of an array of strategies, some of which echo ancient texts and some of which are specific to contemporary ideology and the cinematic medium.Makes me sorry that Vancouver doesn't have a basketball team anymore.(actually, no..doesn't really. Achilles’ story displaces hers, and male characters excuse her from blame by denying her agency.

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From basketball games and homecoming parades, to quieter events like food drives and prom, the Spartan Cheerleaders always have extra cheer to spare if you're running low.

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